There are many ways of approaching�a target group of customers. However, attracting, influencing, and winning such customers is not so easy. Words are not enough, people like stories, colours, emotions.

Blue Wind will address your senses with images, text, or
a combination of both.

Public Relations
Press Communication
Press Conferences
Media monitoring
Event Organization
Media Relations
Media Training


Market is a constantly growing jungle of products and services where customer can quickly compare various offers. One of few opportunities to be different, interesting and convincing is public relations.

Who are you and what can you do? At first sight it is a simple question, isn't it? But! The correct answer is essential, however not simple.

We help you to define comprehensively the exceptionality of your company.

PR is not only about communication. It is more about relationships - building, maintenance and development of it.

Blue Wind - blows in right direction


Press documentation, editorial and graphic work
In everyday freshet of various information, journalists appreciate clear, apposite and original press documentation that does not require special adaptation. Simplicity, catching topics and comprehensibility are keys to success.

We will prepare for you:
Press releases
PR articles tailored to the needs of each media
Company magazines, advertising brochures and other prints


Organizing of press conferences
A typical day of a journalist is a run between newsroom and press conferences. Although your press conference is exceptional for you and you care a lot about it, it would be just one of many for a typical journalist. How to be unique, interesting and successful?

Blue Wind will devise for you:
An idea of how to make you different
Entire production
Media training of client's representatives
Press documentation
Invitation of journalists, monitoring of the press output


Creation of PR strategies, creation of media plans.
Why to do the same thing by different methods, when you can interconnect them?

We will help you to:
Define target groups and communicated topics and choose the means of communication
Harmonize PR support with marketing plans
Apply synergetic effect of advertisement media-plan and PR activities

BlueBlue Wind - breeze in fresh minds


Monitoring of media, full information service
It enables you to monitor results of your presentation and to find out what media publish about your company and your competitors. In order to work out a communication strategy that takes the reality into account, it is necessary to:

Continuously monitor the media
Analyze acquired data


Organizing of social events and company presentations
Days of open doors
VIP events and press events
Cocktail parties
Courses and seminars

Every company's strategy includes efforts to be distinct not only on the level of product and service quality but also on the level of communication with partners and clients as well as with own employees at various situations - marketing presentations, external meetings, balls, parties, relaxation weekends.

We will help you to:
Create original program
Choose interesting place
Provide entire organization

Blue Wind - give elements space to create.


Media are immensely powerful. Public often considers printed or broadcast information as a fact.

We will help you. Blue Wind provides for:

Spreading of positive news about the client: there is a direct proportion between publication of favourable information and perception of company by public
Mitigating the effects of negative news, if necessary


Journalists are often more insidious than you would ever like to be. It's their job, not yours. We will teach you how to answer back - quickly, convincingly and to anybody. Every journalist knows a number of tricks of how to bring out from you the information he wants. With us, you will always be one trick ahead.